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Plastex Master Tech Kit


A MODERN Scooter's Best Friend - The Plastex Master Tech Kitrepair a scooter

One of the more difficult and frustrating repairs a scooter rider (or shop) may make is to broken or cracked scooter plastic body panel. Most glues will not adhere well, repairs are often weak and will end up breaking again in a short time. Fortunately our team of highly trained industrial spies have come up with a little-known product. A product that makes most types of plastic repair, even on scooter, quick and easy!

PLASTEX PLASTIC REPAIR KITS, manufactured by G.T. Motorsports of Reno, Nevada address the difficulty of plastic repairs by marketing a complete kit. A kit that allows some pretty incredible repairs:
-Repair broken parts
-Repair Cracks
-Fill holes
-Renew stripped Threads
-Strengthen weak parts
-Mold new pieces such as mounting tabs

Plastex is unique. It is not a glue and bonds at the molecular level, kind of a chemical welding system. It is easy for even novices to achieve a strong, clean bond, as accurate mixing is not required. The repair kit (I have the Master Tech Kit) includes a powder in several different colors, a special liquid bond agent, fiberglass re-enforcement patches, and a block of black waxy substance that becomes flexible when heated. This block can be used to create a mold to make new pieces or add a missing piece that has broken off. A small CD is also included that provides tutorials on how to successfully accomplish many types of repairs.
The main ingredient is a very fine powder, similar in consistency to talcum. This powder dissolves in the liquid hardener.

To repair a broken mounting tab, for instance, one simply cleans the parts, replaces the tab in the correct position, and applies a line of powder over the breakm done from the backside to make the repair more neat. Cellophane tape can be used to hold the parts in position. After the powder is applied to the broken area, the liquid is added, a drop at a time until the powder dissolves and causes a bond.
The repaired area will harden in a short time, and the bond, if done correctly, will be stronger that the original material. As mentioned earlier, the bond is at the molecular level, not just a surface bond such as is achieved with glues.
Exact ratios of the liquid to powder is unnecessary. If too much liquid is applied, it will quickly evaporate. Once cured, the repair can be used or sanded, drilled, tapped, and painted if required.
I have tried repairs on a variety of different plastic, repairing broken model airplane parts, scooter fairing mounting lugs, body panel mounting tabs, and several other household plastic repairs. In all cases, the product worked perfectly, yielding permanent, neat and very strong repairs on all types of hard plastic I tried.
Plastex is one of those rare items I will never be without in my shop. The more you use it, the more you can't live without it. Plastex is a scooter's best friend.
Cost varies from about $12.00 for a Starter Kit for to about $65.00 for Master Tech Kit. There is enough material in the Master Tech Kit to make a huge amount of repairs. For further information or to place an order, contact G.T. Motorsports at their website, or by phone 775-853-3377. Tell them Scooter Rider Magazine sent ya!

Plastic tab repair
Repair Scooter Trim
The powder quickly solidifies within a few minutes. The tape was carefully removed after about 30 minutes for photographs. The part was allowed extra time, 24 hours, before use.
In this case, no trimming was necessary but if excess material is an area of contact it can be trimmed, filed or sanded, and then painted if needed.
Upon replacing the trim piece it was no doubt stronger then ever and gave no problems. This repair should last as long as the part itself.  This is stuff is incredible and I will be getting my own kit A.S.A.P
Master plastic repair kit