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Q1. – What is the difference between Plastex Original Repair Kits and Plastex 3000?
Q2. – Is there a shelf life on Plastex Products?
Q3. – What should I use to clean my plastic parts before repairing?
Q4. - How long does it take for the original Plastex to cure?
Q5. – Do the original Plastex kits need UV to cure?
Q6. – What is the best way to heat up the molding material included in the original Plastex kits?
Q7. – Will Plastex Repair Kits work on all typed of plastics?
Q8. - How do I know what type of plastic I need to repair?
Q9. - What heat temperature can Plastex withstand?
Q10. - Is Plastex Acrylic?
Q11. - Is Plastex a cyanoacrylate base?
Q12. - Why do some kits include Plastex Fiber Cloth to back up repairs?
Q13. - How can I get additional information or help with my repairs?