Plastex Plastic Farm Show Review

Farm show plastic repaire

Have you Tried PLASTEX Plastic Repair?

It has been around 16 years but most people still haven't heard about PLASTEX, an amazing moldable plastic repair kit that's used for everything from filling holes in wood, plastic, or glass to restoring damaged threads.
"It becomes part of whatever you're fixing" says inventor Tim Lewis of G.T. Motorsports.
Customers appreciate how easy it is to use. Though it comes in two parts, a powder and a liquid, there isn't a specific ratio and it sets up completely in an hour.
Videos on the PLASTEX website show different ways to use it - putting the powder on a piece repaired, then adding the liquid to bend in, or mixing the liquid into the powder before applying it.
To fabricate a new part, such as broken tab on a plastic part, warm the kit's reusable molding bar to 120 ° until it's like putty, and wrap it around another tab. Then let is harden before removing it.

"It'll mold such detail that if paint has superficial scratch, it replaced that, "Lewis says. "And the mold is reusable. We well larder sheets for bigger projects."
To repair a stripped thread, coat a lubricated screw with PLASTEX and screw it in. Once it dries, remove the screw.

"PLASTEX" doesn't shrink or expand so you get the same exact size," Lewis says. Originally marketed to the motorcycle and automotive markets, the repair kits are now used in hundreds of industries. PLASTEX can be used to fill to bridge gaps and repair pvc and irrigation pipe. It cures in cold temperatures to make repairs on snowmobiles.

Plastex is available on the company's website as well as through distributers, Lewis says. It comes in black, white and clear and starts at $13.95 for a small kit to make a tab or repair a 3-in crack. Several size kits and refills are available. Check out the website for details and how-to- videos.

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